Why a Drop in Monthly Pinterest Viewers is NOT a Bad Thing

As someone who pushes monthly views, that’s kinda surprising, right?

If you purchased the Ultimate Pinterest Guide, you know that I’m all about your own pin activity. If you have 1,000,000 monthly viewers, but you’re getting zero website clicks, those 1,000,000 monthly viewers are absolutely worthless. They’re likely pinning and clicking on things like quotes, recipes, and other random pins that have nothing to do with your business. Impressions don’t REALLY matter, if those impressions aren’t turning into $$.

Impressions < Engagements < Clicks.

I peaked this year having 1.6 million monthly viewers, and I am now down to 1.1 million, a decrease of a whopping 500,000 viewers.

But guess what? I couldn’t care less. My click through rate, total click throughs, engagement rate, and total engagements haven’t changed much at all. So yes, I have 500,000 less people, but the stats that matter aren’t wavering, and that’s what brings in the money.

Last April and May I saw a decrease in my numbers as well. So for me this seems to be a seasonal trend, all the more reason not to be worried about a decrease in viewers. If history repeats itself, it will increase overnight during Memorial Day weekend, and be on the rise, peaking for the year around the fourth of July.

If you’re not writing down your statistic trends, it’s time to start. In any industry, this can help you anticipate needs, help you strategically plan sales, events, and more. We touch on this in my free Pinterest Course, and I even have a free download to print and use to track trends.

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The real results for this 500,000 drop in viewers?

We’re already ahead of where we were this time last May. We’re having the best month of the 2019. We’ve had a record number of orders in the last 2 weeks. We did all this with less monthly viewers.

I don’t want to go as far and say that the monthly viewers don’t matter, but what matters more is click throughs, because that is going to lead to more orders.

How do you get more website clicks?

  1. It really starts with pinning more of your own content. Pinning your content every single day is going to get you the most possible views. You can actually get on Pinterest every day, or you can use my favorite tool for pinning, Tailwind. If you’ve been following along for awhile, this isn’t news for you: I’m obsessed with Tailwind. I currently have several months and THOUSANDS of pins scheduled so I rarely have to get on Pinterest. If you’re not using that, get your free trial here!

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  2. If you’re making Pins, remember that tall pins statistically do better on pinterest. However, don’t be scared to pin those square instagram pics or pics from your website just because they’re not a 2:3 ratio! I talked about this in my last post, but despite the odds, I have square pins that bring me thousands of engagements, pins, and clicks.

  3. Experiment with pin designs. Honestly, if you’re not getting clicks it might be time to try a new template, new colors, or something to attract the people you’re looking for. Make new pins for old content!

And last but not least…

Re-Pin Old Pins

Do you have a pin that brought you a lot of traffic in the past? Pin it again! There’s no shame in re-pinning your own content if it’s going to benefit you. Dive into the Pinterest Analytics and the Tailwind Insights to get a clear look on what is working and what’s not.

Overall, you should be focusing on using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, not that number you see at the top of your account.

Stick with it! Pinterest numbers and stats are going to change regularly, learn from the seasons of change and record your results so you can better anticipate the future.

If you need help getting started, check out my free Pinterest course here or dive REALLY deep with the Ultimate Pinterest Guide: Sell More While Working Less